“If the style is a guide to the man, he is gentle and persuasive – the type of teacher you would have loved to have had educate you”
Nick Cohen, The Guardian (Link)
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“There’s a devastating logic to his arguments…Shaha writes with a highly-engaging first person narrative that is crisp and highly readable”
Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus (Link)
“His intention is not to criticise religion, but he believes young people should be given all the evidence, and decide for themselves what to believe. For young people who are not sure about God, this is a must-read.”
Camden New Journal (Link)
“Illuminates the route to a better destination for all those who seek what Alom found: namely, that precious liberty of mind which makes its possessor open to all good things.”
A. C. Grayling, author of The Good Book
“A book that destroys the cliche of the atheist as joyless rationalist and shows the humanity, love, and concern that often lies behind godless thinking.”
Robin Ince
“Like many bright and curious children before and since, kind teachers, books and school provided the young Alom Shaha with a ladder out of inner city poverty and an escape from his abusive, feckless father. But The Young Atheist’s Handbook is no anti-Muslim misery memoir. Rather its strength is the way he explores his life and faith scientifically, through a series of thought experiments. From its taboo busting opening, when, in a simple experiment he eats pork for the first time, Alom Shaha’s rational exploration of the corrosive power of religious indoctrination is refreshingly down to earth, heartfelt and deeply moving. It combines a raw personal story of his Bangladeshi Muslim background with the understated and carefully researched honesty of a scientist seeking the truth, and of a teacher wanting to free young minds. An inspiring and brave book that speaks for thousands who dare not admit their atheism.”
Samira Ahmed, Journalist and broadcaster (BBC Radio 4, ex-Channel 4 News)
“More than just a great handbook, this is an honest and often very moving story about valuing truth over hope, even in the face of grief.”
Tim Minchin
“His personal story is fascinating”
Tania Ahsan, The Metro
“This is not a book to argue with – it’s a story to listen to and meditate on…it’s an honest telling of one man’s experience that everyone should read, no matter their theological stripe”
Thinking Christian (Link)
“This book will make you think and it’s hard to give a greater compliment than that”
Ed Pawson writing in REtoday magazine (Link)